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The word yoga means the union of mental, spiritual and physical parts of the body. It is speculated to have developed around the 65th century BCE. Yoga helps to
1) Increase Immunity
As yoga includes all the parts of the body and helps in healing of them its automatically helps the body to become more immune to different infections and toxins.
2) Lowers Blood Pressure
When you practice yoga regularly it helps in the better circulation of blood in the body. When oxygen is able to reach to different parts of the body easily it there by reduces the blood pressure as the body calms down.
3) Enhance Circulation of blood
Yoga helps in better transportation of oxygen and nutrients through the body. When this happens organs tend to function well as they are getting the resources required to function.
4) Glowing Skin
When the skin gets regular supply of oxygen rich blood and nutrients it improves the skin tone and also provides a glow to it. Yoga also helps to fight the aging factor and provide healthy skin. As yoga relieves stress which is one of the factor of beating aging.
5)Helps in Fighting Cancer
With yoga the count of red blood cells increases which in turn helps the body to gain strength. With yoga and treatment, a person is able to fight cancer more efficiently. It also reduces nausea during chemotherapy.
Massage Therapies
Massages are known for healing the body from chronic pain and reducing stress level there by boosting the healing process. There are different type of massages namely
1)Swedish Massage
A Form of long strokes, deep circular movements, kneading, vibration and tapping the body to help relax and energize the body.
2)Sports Massage
A form of massage given to athletes to prevent or heal the part of the body that has suffered injury.
3)Trigger Point Massage
This is a type of massage that helps to calm the tight muscle fibers that may have formed after injuries or overuse.
4)Deep Massage
This massage focuses on the relaxing and energizing the deeper layers of the muscle and connective tissues which may be affected due to injuries. It involves slower and forceful strokes to the target area.
Massage therapies are helpful to fight against digestive disorders, anxiety, headaches, strains, injuries, joint pains, and many more problems. This treatment also makes you feel more caring, comfortable and connected to your self and the environment. The use of Ayurveda in this process gives it a special touch and enhances the feeling of connection to nature. Ayurveda is a form of treatment in India when they use only natural products that the nature has gifted us and zero percent of the use of chemical medicines. Below are few types of Ayurvedic massages that you can tryout
Ayurveda: Healer
This type of massage helps not only in healing but also providing rejuvenation to the body. A combination of pressure, vibrations and various motions are combined with aromatic oils to give a sense of relief to the entire body.
This type of massage is done with the pouring of warm oil from a vessel known as kindi. It is placed inches above the body and a masseuse massages to treat the vata dosha, while the oil soothes your nerves. This massage can benefit people who suffer from monoplegia, paralysis, fractures, hemiplegia, paraplegia and stiffness in body.
This is a type of head massage which aims at stimulation of the nerves. A stream of medicated or herbal oil is poured in a continuous motion on the scalp which intends to treat mental fatigue, relieve headache and increase focus and clarity.
Ubtaan and Elakijhi
This is a type of massage which helps to improve the skin quality and nourish the body. Various herbs and or animal centric products are used to rejuvenate and nourish the skin.
This is a type of full body massage where hot oil is chosen according to the medical condition of the patient. The temperature of the oil is kept according to the comfort level of the patient. Pressure is applied to points, which stimulate various energies and aids in releasing toxins from the body.
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Along with quality treatment, India also offers world class tourism spots. We can arrange your full tour which will include booking your flight/hotel/cab/guide/sightseeing tickets etc. Along with great treatment you will get the opportunity to visit different historical places of India. Below are few popular destinations of India.
Basilica of Bom Jesus, Goa
The Basilica of Bom Jesus or the church of St.Francis Xavier is one of the oldest churches in India and is located at old Goa, Velha, Goa. This church is know for its baroque architecture and is one of the most visited places in Goa. The meaning of “Bom Jesus” is Good or Infant Jesus which when translated to Portuguese becomes “Bom Jesus”. The construction of the church started in the year 1594 and consecrated in 1605. It is marked as the beginning of Christianity in India. It is not only know for its architecture but the main reason for its popularity is that it holds the mortal remains of St.Francis Xavier. The body of the saint is still in good condition even after 400 years and is taken out once every decade. As Goa was under the Portuguese rule half a century ago, this church is considered to be a part of their heritage. The church has been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site due to it’s rich culture and religious significance.
Taj Mahal, The Monument of Eternal Love
India being a large country holds a lot of heritage sites and one of it is the 7 wonders of the world, “The Taj Mahal”. It is located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. The monument built by the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan, depicts his love and affection to his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. It is an ivory-white marble monument situated on the bank of Yamuna river and consist of a mosque, a guest house and the tomb of his beloved wife. It is said to have been completed in the year 1653 at a cost estimated at that time to be around 32 million rupees, which is roughly 53 billion rupees today. It is also considered to be “The Jewel Of Muslim Art In India” and regarded as the best Mughal architecture and a symbol of India’s rich history. It was nominated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1983.
Golden Temple,Amritsar, Punjab
The Golden Temple or Sri Harmandir Sahib is the holiest Gurdwara and is one of the very important pilgrimage site of the Sikhism community. It is located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab. The upper floors of the gurdwara is covered with 750kg of gold and is the main reason for its english name “The Golden Temple”. It is surrounded by a man made pool and is said to have been completed in the year 1577. It is said to account over 100,000 visitors to the holy shrine daily for worship. Langar that is a communal free kitchen is served to all visitors who ever wants to have it, you may be of different faith, gender, rich or poor all are welcomed. People sit together on the floor in rows and the volunteers serve a simple vegetarian meal to all, round the clock.
Qutub Minar
The Qutub Minar is a 73-meter-long minaret in the Qutab Complex. It is located in Mehrauli, Delhi. The tower consists of five storeys, with a base diameter of 14.3 meters reducing to 2.7 meters at the peak. The construction of the tower was started by QutabUd-Din-Aibak, founder of the Delhi sultanate in the year 1192. The Qutub Complex also holds several historical monuments like the Iron pillar of Delhi(shown in the image above) which is a 7 meter 6,000 kg pillar. It was erected in 3rd to 4th century CE by King Chandra dedicated to the Hindu lord Vishnu. It is a rust-resistant composition of metals achieved by high level of skill by the ancient Indian Iron smiths in extraction and processing iron. The complex also consists of the “Smith’s Folly” which was a sixth story created by Major Robert Smith of the British Indian Army who renovated the tower in 1828 as it suffered serious damage during the major earthquake of 1st September 1803. The pillared cupola was taken down in 1848, as per the instructions given by “The Viscount Hardinge”, then Governor General of India. It was reinstalled at ground level to the east of Qutub Minar. The Qutub Minar is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
Akshardham, Delhi
Akshardham or Swaminarayan Akshardham is a Hindu temple and a spiritual-cultural complex situated at the banks of Yamuna river at the east of New Delhi. It was inaugurated at the hands of Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam on 6th November 2005. The temple was built according to the vastu shastra and pancharatra. Inside the complex you can see an Abhisheka Mandap(A Place of Hindu ritual where a sacred thread is tied on the wrist followed by bathing the statue of Neelkanth Varni with a small pot of sanctified water) , Sahaj Anand(water show which includes multi-color lasers, video projections, underwater flames, surrounding sound and water jets), Two thematic garden and three exhibitions namely Sahajanand Darshan (Hall of Values), Neelkanth Darshan (Short film on the early life of Swaminarayanas the teenage yogi, Neelkanth), and Sanskruti Darshan (Boat ride). The temple is know for attracting approx. 70% of the tourists visiting Delhi. It currently holds a Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Comprehensive Hindu Temple.
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