Neonatal / Pediatric Services

Neonatal / Pediatric Services

At Healthway we cater to the needs of all children under 15 years of age. The department runs an 18 bedded NICU- the largest private NICU in Goa. We are the first unit in Goa to provide high frequency oscillatory ventilation and nitric oxide therapy for salvaging extremely critical babies who have intractable respiratory failure. The unit will shortly introduce total body cooling (therapeutic hypothermia) for babies who suffer from severe brain damage from birth complications. All our NICU graduates are followed up in neuro-rehabilitation clinics which are equipped for OAE (hearing screen), neuro-developmental assessment and interventions, neurosensory stimulation programme and ROP screen (for visual problems in premature babies).


The 7 bedded PICU- the first of its kind in Goa, is equipped to manage extremely sick and critically ill children. The unit is equipped to manage children with respiratory failure, cardiovascular instability, severe asthma, seizures, sepsis, multi-organ failure, ingestions, poisoning and envenomation, polytrauma (including head injury, drowning, electrocution and burns) as well as those requiring post-operative care after complex surgeries. The unit has facilities for continuous patient monitoring using high-end technology, and life support therapy such as mechanical ventilation and renal replacement therapy including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.


The department has round the clock cover for emergencies such as accidents and trauma, ingestions and envenomations, acute life threatening events, choking, convulsions, respiratory and cardiac emergencies.


4 special services

Neonatal Intensive Care- Level III

Pediatric Intensive Care- level III

Neuro-rehabilitation centre

Neonatal and Pediatric transport

Neonatal / Pediatric Services

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